The flag was inspired by similar multi-coloured flags used in demonstrations against nuclear weapons.

The word means what it sounds like in English: 'tranquil', calm and peaceful, just like water undisturbed by waves or a place sheltered from sounds.

The Italian Army reached the Aurelian Walls on 19 September and placed Rome under a state of siege. .

peaceful: Inglese: Italiano: peaceful assembly n (non-violent gathering of people) adunata pacifica nf: peaceful coexistence n (mutual tolerance) coesistenza pacifica nf : It would.

Italian Translation.

Il lago, dopo la tempesta, è tornato tranquillo. . We could all do with being a bit more tranquillo.

These names are rare in the U.

Pax Romana or Pax Augusta refers to a period of time at the end of the Civil Wars until the Crisis of the Third Century in which the Romans saw a golden age. Other translations. Italian Pronunciation; Peaceful: Tranquillo: Tran-kweel-loh: Calm: Calmo: Cahl-moh : To stay calm: Stare tranquillo / calmo: Stah-reh tran-kweel-loh: To be.

If you want to know how to say peaceful in Italian, you will find the translation here. .



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13 The consideration of the soul of a departed person is one that is character-ized by an overwhelming sense of. 24) that “there is still time” for negotiation and peace.

Boccadasse, Liguria, Italy.


To make holy or sacred.

In a brief. A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. .

. It’s also good to know, that Riutilizzabile means "Reusable" in Italian, as well as "Sustainable" is Sostenibile. Floodwaters in Italy show no sign of receding. Aug 11, 2022 · Courtesy I Borghi più Belli d'Italia. Here are our favorite words and phrases that don't exist in English.

The Latin word "fulminare" directly translates as "to flash with thunderbolts.

. More Italian words for peaceful.


pacifico, tranquillo, calmo are the top translations of "peaceful" into Italian.


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