Find the only move for black to draw this position (from -6 to 0) 124.

Check DOWNLOAD [PDF] 500 Chess Puzzles, Mate in 3, Intermediate Level: Solve chess from xzander. .

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Lloyd “Sunny South” 1885.

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. white to move! First, click/tap on a white piece. • 2 yr.

. [pdf] Download Chess endgame puzzles 91 to 100 pdf and read offline.

Galitsky “Niva” 1905.

Edwards Title: 1000 Mate in 1-2-3 Chess Puzzles.

I have recently become obsessed with solving very difficult checkmate in two puzzles. • 2 yr.

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A chess study by AlexandeRufus.


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As a chess player, he peaked at no. Therefore, it must be clear that you are up against an excellent puzzle-master. Can you find the right sequence in this chess puzzle? Li vs.

. . In this blog, we've collected 10 mate-in-2 puzzles to help you easier spot checkmates during a real chess game. This chess puzzle is complex! Black to move and win in 5. White to move. Next Move : White.

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Practice seriously with these progressive exercises, based on real games. Moving the Pieces - Part 2: Capturing Pieces: Monster: Check: Find the Check: Put Him In Check: Capture! Block! Run! Escape: Checkmate in One Move: Checkmate in One - Part 1: Checkmate in One - Part 2: Checkmate in One - Part 3: Checkmate in Two Moves: Checkmate in Two - Part 1: Checkmate in Two - Part 2: Checkmate in Two - Part 3.

Mate in 4 Chess Puzzles.

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White to Move & Mate in 2 1 XIIIIIIIIY 8rsnl wqk vln tr0 7zpp zpp+-+p0.

White to move.

As a chess player, he peaked at no.