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. A90 Supra FEMTO Unlock - CLICK HERE.

The smart way to do this is to send just your 22 ecu over so it can be read by Femto.

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Need to have a bench unlock performed by someone with a BFlash programmer. Toyota Supra A90 & A91 Chassis (2020) BMW M240i, M340i, 440i -. Planning on unlocking my ECU when I put the car away for winter.

Buy Service; Disconnect negative battery terminal; Remove your PCM (If you need help finding the location of the PCM please give us a call) Ship PCM with a return label to 5240 HWY 96 Suite 104 Youngsville NC, 27596 Attn: Bob Process can take up to 24hours.

Apr 1, 2021 · class=" fc-falcon">54. 2021 3. We offer this service for $695 Shipped.

. Flights are scheduled for once a month.

Their A90 was the first in the world to dip into the 8-second range when it did so in late 2020.

We will ship the ECM/DME back to you using FedEx Priority Overnight at no additional cost.

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ECU Performance Tuning for the A90 and A91 2019-2021 Toyota Supra. A90 / A91 Supra Sequential Port Injection Kit.

Applies to: ALL Bosch MG1 ECU/DME that are dated June 2020 and previous.



. Bootmod3 Flash Tune for BMWs and Toyota Supra. .

If you work with someone who already does Femto stuff, they can actually write to this ecu I’m selling and you don’t have to ship it oversees. Real St Performance Stage 1 Tune + ECU Flasher A90 MKV Supra GT 2020+ HYD-MKV-STG1. Most dealerships that service your car will relock the Dme after any type of service or maintenance as standard procedure now, so if you can't flash the car, chances are it has been re-locked If your A90 Supra build date is pre 06/2020 and needs to be unlocked, or has been re-locked after a service at a dealership, we can unlock your ecu so. Vehicle. .

WMTJ said: I’ve burned zero oil here.

. This service requires us to plug directly into the ECU/DME Can bus pins for the unlock or downgrade.




Then they remote in with a Tuner Assist.

Toyota Supra B58 Engines (A90 or A91 Chassis): $595 installed w/ One map included.